Reports from the frontlines of the war on bad teeth

19 Jun 2017

Pond Square Dental at 'Highgate Fair in the Square 2017'

by Vatche Kassardjian

The fair in the square was once again great fun, and fortunately the weather just about held up. We gave out 500 Pond Square Dental bags, with info on the practice, oral hygiene, implants, tooth whitening, and various little goodies. Thanks to TePe, OralB, Kent Express, Nobel Biocare, Colgate and all the others for their support. Of course we can’t forget all our staff, Isabella (from Guy’s Hospital) and Dave Wontimi (Nobel) for their tireless working in making sure...

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23 Nov 2016

New range of implant systems for replacing missing teeth

by Vatche Kassardjian

We’ve hugely diversified the implant systems we use to give us more flexibility in replacing missing teeth. Investing back in the practice is always important: we now have the capacity to place and restore all the Nobel Replace Select dental implant systems, and Nobel Active dental implants too. We always carry a large and wide ranging stock of dental implants, meaning that, in the case of a dental emergency, or if things turn out not quite how ...

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13 Oct 2016

Our periodontist Shahin Boghani

by Vatche Kassardjian

Shahin has been working at the practice for over six months now, and, as expected, she is a hit with our patients and staff. Shahin works only within her area of expertise: periodontology. Does this mean she only treats periodontal disease (gum disease)? Well, no. She undertakes various types of surgical procedures, such as placing dental implants, providing bone grafts, guided soft and hard tissue regeneration, and soft tissue surgical procedures (which may be cosmetic...

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12 Oct 2016

Vatche Kassardjian research published

by Vatche Kassardjian

I’m really pleased to have my recent research published: ‘A systematic review and meta analysis of the longevity of anterior and posterior all-ceramic crowns’. It was a great experience that involved going through thousands of articles, over hundreds of hours. I personally went through every minute detail available on the production of every type of ceramic crown ever made: tough but it has given me an in depth understanding of the background, constituents, and properties of all...

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10 Oct 2016

Pond Square Dental at BDIA trade show

by Vatche Kassardjian

Most of the Pond Square Dental team ventured down to the BDIA trade show at the ExCel centre last week, where we found most of the major players in the industry. We helped ourselves to lots of freebies! But more seriously it is an opportunity to see what’s new and upcoming there and then in the flesh, and helps give us ideas how to improve our service to our patients. Oral B were there, but also...

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