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We specialise in Periodontics and Prosthodontics

How we work

We set out to assist and support dentists and practices where our specialist services are required, or if guidance on a more general level is needed.

As a referring dentist you can be sure that we would look after your patient as if they were our very own. Equally you can be confident that we will be sending your patient back to you and setting out how best to manage the patient in the future, and so enhancing your relationship with that patient. It is in our interests that your patient is happy, not only with our services, but returning to you for long term care.

We are able to provide:

  • Treatment planning
  • Provision of maintenance programmes
  • Diagnostics and identification of aetiology
  • Mentoring or overseeing treatment
  • Specific stages of treatment
  • Complete treatments with maintenance programmes

If you need more information, please contact the practice. You can refer patients using the referral form on this page, or by emailing or writing directly to the practice.

Referral Services

We will take on most referrals if appropriate. We communicate clearly and directly with our referring dentists to ensure that there is mutual agreement on the best way forward for the patient.

All our treatments are documented clinically, radiographically, and with photographs, and these are available to our referring dentists.

Our key referrals will be based around the following treatments:

  • Implants

    We are able to assist with planning, mentoring, or directly placing and restoring implants. We can help work back from your desired prosthodontic outcome to make sure the implants are placed in the appropriate sites, matching retrievability, longevity and good aesthetics and cleansable prostheses for the patient.

    We will set out a maintenance programme for the patient to follow at your practice, and, if needed, we can periodically review the patient.

    We are comfortable with single implants, multiple implants, full arch implants, all-on-4, and immediate placement and immediate loading of implants (in specific circumstances).

  • Wear Cases

    It may be difficult to assess the aetiology of wear, or more so the consequences of severe wear and how to set about providing advice and treatment.

    If it is suitable we can provide treatment plans, supervision or mentoring.

    Equally, we can provide treatment from start to finish. We are experienced in reorganising the occlusion, be it localised or general wear, to allow space in the vertical dimension for restorative and prosthodontics treatments to be be undertaken.

    We are, of course, most happy to take you through treatments and their rationale.

  • Replacement of Missing Teeth

    Be it bridges, dentures, implants, complex cases and combinations of all of these treatments, we are able to provide guidance to you.

    Whether bridgework is tooth supported or implant supported, full arch or in a partially dentate patient, we are available to assist directly or remotely in the design of a pontic or the appropriate type and materials of the bridge.

    We will assess the occlusion and set out the correct occlusal design (and reorganisation if necessary), and preparation for the bridge or bridges, including surgical stents, reduction guides and treatment staging, including any requirement for provisionalisation.

    We will be delighted to undertake the treatment or, if suitable, to provide you with a treatment plan and supervision or mentoring.

    We can plan, design and supervise provision of partial and complete dentures, both tooth, tooth and mucosa supported or tooth and implant supported overdentures. We can complete treatment, provide training on the provision of part or all of these treatments, or alternatively provide our expertise by way of a treatment plan.

  • Failing/Unsuccessful Treatment

    Single crowns, veneers or even composites that are regularly failing may require our specialist advice or treatment. We can help you through these cases, or complete specific components or whole treatments.

    Dentures, partial or complete may be difficult to design or, if a patient has had a set of dentures for a long time, they may find it difficult to become accustomed to a new set of dentures even if they are superior.

    We can communicate and demonstrate techniques that you are able to take back and utilise in practice, increasing your confidence and reflecting positively in your day to day interaction with your patients.

    We will always set out a maintenance programme that will help the patient, and you and your practice to grow, and are discrete and supportive where providing remedial treatment.

  • Periodontics

    We undertake all aspects of surgical and non surgical periodontal treatment, soft and hard tissue grafting and guided tissue regeneration.

    More sophisticated treatments such as crown lengthening, hemisections, tunnel preparations and surgical procedures to address peri-implantitis are all within our regular treatment capacity.

    Once disease processes are stabilised or treatment goals are met, we will discharge the patient back to your care with a long term maintenance programmes, with periodic reviews by our team at Pond Square Dental.

  • Cosmetic

    We start with ensuring we have a clear understanding of the outcome your patient would like. From there we will ensure we collect the relevant clinical information, using diagnostics, markers for successful cosmetic dental treatments, special tests, facebow mounted study casts, wax ups and mock ups and so on.

    We can then determine what outcomes are feasible and what treatment modalities are required to achieve those outcomes. This may include soft and hard tissue grafting, crown lengthening, occlusal reorganisation, replacing missing teeth, and the appropriate use of materials.

    Will set out management, mentor, complete specific stages or the whole case.

    All treatments are documented with pre-op and post op photos and photos of stages of treatments.

  • Diagnostics

    It is difficult to put together a treatment plan if you are finding diagnoses difficult.

    We can help you identify the problem or problems a patient is having, the aetiology and so put together a comprehensive treatment plan.

    Referring to us can be a great learning tool for you. The knowledge your new found skills that we can help you apply will help build your practice and strengthen your relationship with your patients.

We look after your patient as our own.

And send them back to you.

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