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Gum Disease

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    Gum (periodontal) disease directly affects the structures holding your teeth in place (bone, ligaments, gum). Your gums may feel sore, swollen, may bleed easily, and you may have a bad taste or bad breath.

    Indirectly, gum disease will have an effect on your teeth and their appearance: causing them to move and tilt, look longer, feel loose, and gaps may start to appear between your teeth where the gum has receded. When the disease is advanced you will find it difficult to chew and so eat even softer food.

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Gum Disease

Periodontal | Gum Examination


Gum disease needs to be precisely investigated and documented before any treatment can start. Our periodontist (gum specialist) can then guide you on your next steps. This involves making detailed records of the extent of the gum disease, areas of bleeding,...

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Gum Disease

Non-Surgical Periodontal | Gum Treatment

from £300

Often the first port of call, the first stage of treatment is usually to clean your teeth using ultra fine instruments, and teaching you how to look after your teeth. This treatment is undertaken under local anaesthetic (a small injection in...

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Gum Disease

Surgical Periodontal | Gum Treatment

from £450

Where there are more persistent areas of gum disease or perhaps certain teeth that need further attention you will likely need a surgical procedure, also under local anaesthetic. We will spare you the gory details here! However our in house specialists...

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Gum Disease

Crown Lengthening Surgery

from £400

Sometimes your teeth are so worn down or broken that it is not possible to have them restored with a crown. On other occasions the gums around your teeth make look uneven and catch the eye when you’re smiling. Crown lengthening...

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Gum Disease

Corrective Gum Surgery/Gum Grafting

from £500

Receding gums? Unsightly little gaps? Replica teeth such as implants and bridges looking gappy? Or perhaps you have a gummy smile that you don’t like? Whether your gums have receded a little bit and you fancy making them look a little...

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Gum Disease

Bone Grafting

from £700

If your gums disease has been quite bad you may need a bone graft. This can help to stabilise loose teeth or improve the appearance of part of your mouth or gums. It could be that you have a missing tooth...

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