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    It is well known that teeth can be replaced by implants and their tooth replica attachments.

    Put an implant in, attach a replica tooth. All done. All done?

    What happens though when the replica tooth doesn’t quite look or fit or work as you hoped? Maybe you can’t bite on it? Or it is tooth short, or bulky? Or it comes loose? Or the gum is sore in the area, perhaps swollen and bleeding? Perhaps you keep biting your cheek or lip? Or you keep getting food caught around it? You can’t keep it clean no matter how hard you try?

    Is this just how things are? Not necessarily.

    Understanding from the outset what processes have led to the need for a replacement tooth or teeth, and taking time to assess the overarching consequences of the initial position is the first step in planning.

    We can then make a decision on how detailed the planning and investigations need to be.

    Models of teeth, with accompanying records of the relationship of the upper and lower jaws, can be taken and set up on mechanical devices replicating jaw movements. Photographs are taken. Changes to the bite, teeth, and replica teeth are mocked up on the models, and perhaps in your mouth. Trial teeth can be made. CT scans are analysed. Computerised teeth can be assessed.

    We then use our extensive knowledge and experience of materials, systems, and treatment options, put all the information together and come back with a plan, and a few back up ones too to make sure all our bases are covered.

    This may mean we pass through several provisional and planning stages. We’re happy with that: whatever it takes to get to where we want to with no unpleasant surprises.

    At the end of the day most of us just want teeth that look good, work well, and are easy to look after. At Pond Square we appreciate all the little details that get us there. We enjoy them. That is what makes us who we are, and very good at our jobs.

Replacing Missing Teeth

Single Implants

from £3,000 (including the implant and the crown)

Replacing a tooth with a single implant and corresponding implant-supported crown or replica tooth is well documented. The effectiveness is in the detail. Skill and experience dictates the outcome to some degree and we have that in abundance at Pond Square. Our...

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Replacing Missing Teeth

Implant Bridges

from £4,800

This is where an implant or several implants support a series of replica teeth and so replace two or more missing teeth. Sometimes implant bridges are used to replace all the teeth in a jaw. At Pond Square we plan the treatment...

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Replacing Missing Teeth

Teeth in a Day Implants

from £3,500

Teeth in a day? This usually refers to a type of implant treatment. It is possible to replace one, some or all of your teeth with replica teeth attached to implants all in one day. It’s great if you’re keen to get...

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Replacing Missing Teeth

All on 4 Implants


All on 4 refers to an implant based system to replace all the teeth in a jaw. As the name suggests, four implants are placed, and there are usually eight to ten replacement teeth. This type of treatment is usually used where...

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Replacing Missing Teeth

Implant Retained Dentures

from £5,000 including the final denture

Dentures, be it replacing some or all of your teeth, can be difficult to get accustomed to. In some circumstances, perhaps a very strong gagging reflex or other physical restrictions, dentures do not grip well. This makes it difficult to...

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Replacing Missing Teeth

Conventional Bridges

from £2,700 (3 teeth)

These classic design bridges require drilling of one or both teeth either side of a missing tooth or teeth. The teeth supporting the bridge need to meet minimum requirements.  Careful analysis of the bite is required, and the position, shape and...

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Replacing Missing Teeth

Full Dentures

from £2,000

Correctly set up and made full dentures can make a real difference to your day to day life. Vatche’s training as a specialist prosthodontist means he has a broad and detailed knowledge and experience in denture making. From appreciating the importance...

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Replacing Missing Teeth

Jointed Bridges

from £3,000

Where the teeth don’t meet the requirements for a conventional bridge, this type of hybrid bridge is possible. Skill, knowledge and experience is required in understanding when to use this type of bridge and how to apply the technique. When used...

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