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Restoring Teeth

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    It is part of life: wear and tear, bad habits. Nothing is indestructable and we make use of our teeth through the day, every day.

    Restoring (or fixing) your teeth is simply about dealing with things that are going wrong with your teeth, be it decay, fractures or other issues, and setting your teeth back to how they should be.

    As part of a course of treatment we will first get you out of pain. Next up, we will identify what has brought about the problems you are having and advise you on how to prevent these problems recurring in the future.

    Why do we do this?

    If you don’t restore your teeth when you need to they may chip, fracture, break, become loose, and painful. In short you may lose one, some or all of your teeth if problems are left unchecked.

    While we are confident that we can deal with any situation, our experience tells us that once you lose your teeth it can be difficult and costly to replace them. So, if possible, we aim to help you keep your teeth, both by restoring them and showing you how to look after them.

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Restoring Teeth


from £995

Whether a tooth is worn, cracked, misshapen, discoloured, or too broken down to be fixed with a filling, a crown can be used to restore the tooth. A crown sits over the top of a tooth, replacing the outer 1-2mm of...

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Restoring Teeth


from £190

We use the latest evidence based adhesive techniques and tooth coloured filling materials to get you the best possible looking and functional fillings. We stock a number of different types of adhesives, applicators, and an extensive assortment of filling materials that...

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Restoring Teeth

Root Fillings

from £650

When there is a crack in a tooth, it has taken a knock, it is badly decayed or discoloured or perhaps it has just broken down too many times, the tooth will need a root filling. A tooth needing a root...

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