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How long will my filling last?

Tooth coloured fillings generally last, on average, around 5-7 years. During this time the filling may become chipped, stained around the edges and/or discoloured, and may need some maintenance treatment. Your filling may last less or longer than average.



All our filling materials are modern composites that are tooth coloured. If you have any special request you should let our team know before coming in and we will accommodate your needs.

Nobody can tell for sure if it is a health problem to have amalgam fillings, however if you wish to have your fillings changed we provide a safe way to do that by using rubber dam, and high volume aspirators to ensure you are exposed to a minimum of mercury vapour when replacing these fillings

A dental cavity is usually a hole in the tooth caused by tooth decay, which in turn is caused by certain bacteria in your mouth. A dental cavity may or may not be visible and maybe hidden within the tooth. The dentist will check your teeth and let you know if you have any cavities. Most cavities will need to be fixed, with a filling or metal or ceramic material, after removal of the decayed tooth.