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Checkups and Assessment

It’s important to be coming in on a regular basis to have your teeth, gums and oral health checked out. Why and what does that actually mean? We will be able to pick up any issues relatively early on, be it with your teeth, gums or somewhere else in your mouth, and we can get on top of them before it develops into a  problem. Or perhaps we can tell you everything is just fine and give you peace of mind. And if you...

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Replacing Teeth

Having missing teeth has consequences. Without all of your teeth you may find it difficult or painful to chew food, and could be changing your diet and eating habits because of this. If your missing teeth show when you smile, you may feel nervous and self-conscious about your appearance when you are in other people’s company, out and about, or even just at home with family. Or you may just feel you miss your tooth - it’s part of feeling a...

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Restoring Teeth

It is part of life: wear and tear, bad habits. Nothing is indestructable and we make use of our teeth through the day, every day. Restoring (or fixing) your teeth is simply about dealing with things that are going wrong with your teeth, be it decay, fractures or other issues, and setting your teeth back to how they should be. As part of a course of treatment we will first get you out of pain. Next up, we will identify what has...

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Having beautiful looking teeth can boost your confidence and make a positive difference to your personal and work life. All dental treatment should look good and should aim to resolve underlying problems with your mouth, teeth and perhaps even general health. Sometimes we are not clear that the health of our teeth is inextricably linked with the appearance of our teeth. Teeth may be worn, broken discoloured, bunched together or spaced, angled, or just an odd shape. Making them look better...

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Gum Disease

Gum (periodontal) disease directly affects the structures holding your teeth in place (bone, ligaments, gum). Your gums may feel sore, swollen, may bleed easily, and you may have a bad taste or bad breath. Indirectly, gum disease will have an effect on your teeth and their appearance: causing them to move and tilt, look longer, feel loose, and gaps may start to appear between your teeth where the gum has receded. When the disease is...

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Whether we are following up on a course of treatment or just making sure things are ticking over nicely, we are here to make sure you are looking after your teeth as best you can. The less problems you have with your teeth, the happier we are. Importance of Maintaining Teeth You need your teeth to look good, feel good and enjoy your food and drink. Looking after your teeth can make the difference to your appearance, your enjoyment of life and how...

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