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Bridges in a nutshell

Neat little fixed devices used to replace missing teeth

We use many different clever techniques and materials to make a dental bridge to replace missing teeth.

The process starts with a careful assessment of your teeth (or implants), bite, gums and mouth as a whole. We then figure out the best type of bridge for you. With careful preparation, and the best dental laboratories we make sure you have the perfect bridge for you.

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Treatment Options for Bridges

Adhesive bridges, as the name suggests, are cemented to one or more teeth adjacent to a missing tooth.

There are usually one or two metal wings with a false tooth in the middle. Some state of the art versions can be made fully in ceramic thus appearing a little more tooth like.

This type of bridge requires little or no drilling of your own natural teeth. Given the right circumstances they can work very effectively. Sometimes adhesive bridges are used as a very effective temporary treatment while other work (such as implants) is being completed.

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These classic design bridges require placing a crown on one or more teeth either side of a missing tooth or teeth.

The teeth supporting the bridge need to meet minimum requirements. Careful analysis of the bite is required, and the position, shape and type of the design of the false or replica tooth. Where adequately planned and prepared for, this type of fixed tooth replacement offers excellent long term results and aesthetics.

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This is where an implant or several implants support a series of replica teeth and so replace two or more missing teeth. Sometimes implant bridges are used to replace all the teeth in a jaw.

At Pond Square Dental we plan the treatment seamlessly from outset through to the end result. We plan to place the implants precisely in the most suitable positions, allowing us to attach replacement teeth at the appropriate angles, providing the best aesthetics, masking any missing bone or sunken gums, and allowing you to bite, chew, smile and look after your teeth with the minimum of fuss.

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"Vatche is an excellent dentist - professional & friendly. He treats his patients all as individuals and delivers - with treatment plans and high quality dental work."

Pamela Milner

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Bridges FAQs

A dental implant is a device used to replace missing teeth. The implant itself is made of titanium or sometimes ceramic and is threaded into the jaw bone, and is hidden under the gum. There are usually two further parts connected to the implant - the false tooth or teeth, which can be made in many different ways, and the part that connects the the false tooth/teeth to the implant (or implants). If you need further information please contact the practice.

Our preferred method of payment is bank transfer, and we accept most debit and credit cards, though not American Express.

Sadly not, we are a private practice only.

Yes there is, though it is on a first come first served basis, with priority given to those with mobility issues. We share two spaces with our neighbour and ask that you use the space considerately.

Generally speaking your treatment may be uncomfortable, but it should not be painful, and we will do our very best to make sure the whole experience is as pleasant as possible. If you are nervous, we do offer various forms of sedation and we are most happy to discuss your needs and options with you.

We are here to look after you, your teeth, gums and general oral health - all the team are very approachable and understanding. It's our job and we love doing it.

You can call 020 8348 9995, email info@pondsquaredental.co.uk, complete an enquiry form or book an appointment directly through our website.

A fee is usually charged if there is not enough notice given to cancel or rearrange an appointment or if an appointment is missed.

We follow all the regulations and advice and manufacturer requirements regarding cross infection, decontamination, hygiene and equipment maintenance. We take your safety and ours very seriously.

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