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Gum Disease Treatment

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Gum Disease Treatment

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Gum Disease Treatment in a nutshell

You don't want to have gum disease, but if you do we can help take care of it for you

You may not notice when you have gum disease. Or you may be aware that your gums feel sore, swollen, or bleed easily. You may have a bad taste or bad breath. Your teeth may appear longer, feel loose, or move position and sit at unusual angles or tilts.

Our specialist periodontist and team of hygienists will help diagnose, treat and maintain teeth effected by all levels of gum disease.

We can also do clever little things, like reducing gum recession, bulling out your gums where they look thin or thinning out your gums where they look bulky. It's all in the detail and the detail is one of the things we are most attentive to.

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Treatment Options for Gum Disease Treatment in Highgate, North London

Replica teeth such as implants and bridges looking gappy? Or perhaps you have a gummy smile that you don’t like?

Whether your gums have receded a little bit and you fancy making them look a little more like they used to, or plumping out your gums to hide any little gaps between your teeth and make implants look as natural as can possible be, gum grafting is a simple solution.

from £500

This can help to stabilise loose teeth or improve the appearance of part of your mouth or gums.

It could be that you have a missing tooth and you need an implant but don’t have enough bone for it. A bone graft could be the answer.

There are lots of uses for bone grafts and they can be simple to really sophisticated. We have experience with lots of different types of materials used for bone graft, whether made in a laboratory or using a little bit of your own bone!

from £700

Non-surgical periodontal treatment is usually the first mode or stage of treatment used to treat gum disease. While you are numb, the roots of the teeth are cleaned above and under the level of the gum.

from £550 per session, quoted per case

Gum Disease Treatment
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Before Gum Disease Treatment


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Treatment of Severe Periodontitis (Anxious Patient)

Before Gum Disease Treatment


After Gum Disease Treatment


Gum Disease Treatment

"The practice is also very welcoming & offers first class peridontal work by peridontist Vasiliki."

Pamela Milner

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Gum Disease Treatment

Yes. It is not healthy for your gums to be bleeding, however the problem will probably be something we can deal with. It is best to come in to see one of our caring and thoughtful hygienists or our gum specialist to look into the matter for you.

Bad breath is commonly a consequence of decayed teeth or unhealthy gums or both. One of our team can take all the necessary checks to find out for you and let you know how to resolve the problem.

Good question. If you have gum disease, you will need remedial treatment. After checking precisely which teeth the gum disease is effecting and to what degree, our periodontal specialist or one of our hygienists cleans your teeth below the gum line, usually after your mouth has been numbed, in the areas that have been identified as having gum disease. This is usually done over one, two or four appointments.

If you have gum disease, the first treatment is to have non-surgical periodontal treatment. The gums are then checked again, and if there is persistent gum disease, after discussion with our periodontist, you may have further treatment targeting the non-responsive persistent sites. The treatment, known as surgical periodontal therapy, is undertaken when your mouth is numbed - the gum is pulled back and the problematic area treated, and the gum is then stitched back in place.

Our preferred method of payment is bank transfer, and we accept most debit and credit cards, though not American Express.

Sadly not, we are a private practice only.

Yes there is, though it is on a first come first served basis, with priority given to those with mobility issues. We share two spaces with our neighbour and ask that you use the space considerately.

Generally speaking your treatment may be uncomfortable, but it should not be painful, and we will do our very best to make sure the whole experience is as pleasant as possible. If you are nervous, we do offer various forms of sedation and we are most happy to discuss your needs and options with you.

We are here to look after you, your teeth, gums and general oral health - all the team are very approachable and understanding. It's our job and we love doing it.

You can call 020 8348 9995, email info@pondsquaredental.co.uk, complete an enquiry form or book an appointment directly through our website.

A fee is usually charged if there is not enough notice given to cancel or rearrange an appointment or if an appointment is missed.

We follow all the regulations and advice and manufacturer requirements regarding cross infection, decontamination, hygiene and equipment maintenance. We take your safety and ours very seriously.

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