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Nervous Patient Dental Treatments

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Nervous Patient Dental Treatments

from £350 (IV sedation)

Nervous Patient Dental Treatments in a nutshell

Helping calm those dental nerves

It's quite a stressful thing, going to the dentist. We do our best to understand things from your point of view, and put a lot of thought and time into trying to make the experience as comfortable as possible for you.

Sometimes, though, we need to go a little further, and in those cases we provide different types of sedation.

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Treatment Options for Nervous Patient Dental Treatments in Highgate, North London

Oral sedation, a tablet like valium, helps take the edge off for you. Most people find this is pretty effective.

Just the cost of the prescription

IV sedation helps settle those of you who have more serious anxiety. We have all the training, experience and equipment to provide IV sedation to the most nervous patients.

£350 per hour

Nervous Patient Dental Treatments

"I suffered from chronic infections from impacted wisdom teeth, so I knew they had to go. I’d never had any teeth removed before so I was a little nervous - I felt a bit like I was jumping in the deep end with all four wisdom teeth removed at once! I needn’t have worried. The procedure was quick and painless, and I felt at ease. I’m not a nervous dental patient, but it’s exactly not something I look forward to, however, the team at Pond Square are brilliant, and make the whole thing as pleasant as can be."

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Nervous Patient Dental Treatments

You should not drive after having any form of dental sedation - you will not be insured.

Our preferred method of payment is bank transfer, and we accept most debit and credit cards, though not American Express.

We are also pleased to be able to offer you a finance plan to help you spread the cost of your dental treatment into monthly payments that are manageable for you. Options include 0% interest free payments up to 12 months.

Sadly not, we are a private practice only.

Yes there is, though it is on a first come first served basis, with priority given to those with mobility issues. We share two spaces with our neighbour and ask that you use the space considerately.

Generally speaking your treatment may be uncomfortable, but it should not be painful, and we will do our very best to make sure the whole experience is as pleasant as possible. If you are nervous, we do offer various forms of sedation and we are most happy to discuss your needs and options with you.

We are here to look after you, your teeth, gums and general oral health - all the team are very approachable and understanding. It's our job and we love doing it.

You can call 020 8348 9995, email info@pondsquaredental.co.uk, complete an enquiry form or book an appointment directly through our website.

A fee is usually charged if there is not enough notice given to cancel or rearrange an appointment or if an appointment is missed.

We follow all the regulations and advice and manufacturer requirements regarding cross infection, decontamination, hygiene and equipment maintenance. We take your safety and ours very seriously.

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