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Aesthetic and Cosmetic

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    Having beautiful looking teeth can boost your confidence and make a positive difference to your personal and work life.

    All dental treatment should look good and should aim to resolve underlying problems with your mouth, teeth and perhaps even general health. Sometimes we are not clear that the health of our teeth is inextricably linked with the appearance of our teeth. Teeth may be worn, broken discoloured, bunched together or spaced, angled, or just an odd shape. Making them look better may also help your teeth and bite work better.

    Studies show our associations with certain patterns or appearances of teeth can be quite negative, and allow friends, neighbours, colleagues or strangers to immediately form subconscious opinions of us.

    On the other hand healthy looking teeth and gums make a positive impact and statement and increase our own confidence.

    If you wish to improve the appearance of your teeth we will listen to you and what you want. We will then make an assessment of your teeth and advise you on the choices that you have to achieve your desired goals.

Aesthetic and Cosmetic

Aesthetic Evaluation

from £120

Your concern over the appearance of your teeth may be quite general. You may, for example, feel that you don’t like the way your teeth slope or slant. Or perhaps the edges look chipped and grey. Maybe you think the...

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Aesthetic and Cosmetic


from £1,000

Veneers are custom hand or machine made, intricately designed laminate that are adhered to your natural tooth. They can be used to mask discolouration, make your teeth look whiter and brighter, improve the shape of teeth and make your teeth look...

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Aesthetic and Cosmetic


from £950

We use a multitude of different crowns. Vatche has internationally published research (September 2016) on ceramics used in crowns and so has a huge amount of knowledge on the types of materials available and their appropriate uses.

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Aesthetic and Cosmetic

Onlays and Inlays

from £900

Either made of ceramic or a special hardened composite, we can use onlays in particular to restore broken down and discoloured teeth and, if correctly designed, protect the treated teeth from further disintegration.

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Aesthetic and Cosmetic

Composites and Bonding

from £190

Composite is best know as your regular tooth coloured filling material. The effect of having tooth coloured fillings replacing old discoloured or unsightly black amalgam fillings can be excellent in itself. Composite can be excellent as a guide to how other treatments,...

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