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Checkups and Assessment

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    It’s important to be coming in on a regular basis to have your teeth, gums and oral health checked out.

    Why and what does that actually mean?

    We will be able to pick up any issues relatively early on, be it with your teeth, gums or somewhere else in your mouth, and we can get on top of them before it develops into a  problem.

    Or perhaps we can tell you everything is just fine and give you peace of mind.

    And if you do have problems with your teeth or gums, whatever they are, we will know how best to deal with it.

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Checkups and Assessment


£100 / £160 New Patients

As part of our routine checkup we will look at your teeth, gums, and jaw joint. We will screen for any tooth wear, and undertake a basic analysis of your bite. Finally we assess the whole of...

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Checkups and Assessment

Tooth Wear Assessment


As we are keeping our teeth for longer, we are also having more problems with our teeth and tooth wear is a significant issue. Our background as specialist dentists means we are trained in detecting the type of tooth wear,...

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Checkups and Assessment

Cosmetic Assessment


Teeth are so important, not only for our continued survival on a day to day basis and enjoying our food and drink, but also because the appearance of our teeth has a significant effect on our confidence, self esteem and...

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Checkups and Assessment

Gum Assessment


We make a broad assessment of the condition of your gums and will note the position and extent of any gum recession. If there are any particular areas of concern we will undertake a more detailed analysis, also noting any...

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