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    Whether we are following up on a course of treatment or just making sure things are ticking over nicely, we are here to make sure you are looking after your teeth as best you can. The less problems you have with your teeth, the happier we are.

    Importance of Maintaining Teeth

    You need your teeth to look good, feel good and enjoy your food and drink.

    Looking after your teeth can make the difference to your appearance, your enjoyment of life and how others’ perceive you.

    We appreciate that nothing lasts forever.

    At Pond Square Dental we are very well equipped and prepared to step in and help you with guidance or treatment to set straight any problems you may be having.

    We want you to make sure our work, and your teeth, last as long as possible, giving you pain free enjoyment of your teeth.

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£145 (45mins) / £195 (60 mins)

Our hygienists are there to clean your teeth and get them looking bright and shiny, and feeling fresh and clean too. It is a great feeling to have just had your teeth cleaned. Our hygienists will help to show you how...

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Dental Care @ ikse

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Our shop on Highgate High Street, ikse, provides a full range of dental care products to help look after your teeth. We can arrange for unusual or difficult to find items. Or we can remind you and post...

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